Bikepacking Trans Germany Grand Tour

One Stage
1650 km
20.000 vm 
Self-Supported Bikepacking Adventure


The Bikepacking Trans Germany - Grand Tour (BTG-GT) is not a classic event with lots of bling-bling like many current bikepacking races. Rather, it resembles the concept of the Tour Divide, which is a self-supported challenge on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and represents the bikepacking spirit of the early days.
To put it in transferred words from Tour Divide: "The BTG-GT is a web-managed, do-it-yourself challenge. There is nothing to win or lose except honor. It is based on a simple principle: to ride the Bikepacking Trans Germany Route as fast as possible, solo and with your own support. The BTG-GT only provides a web-based framework to present the general classification (GC) and the progress of the riders. This is where the responsibility of the BTG-GT ends."

Route and Tracking

The most current version of the BTG is always used, which is usually updated annually. Tracking will be provided by Before start, participants will be asked by BTG-GT to order the trackers. The participants are responsible for the order, the payment of the tracking costs and the return shipment of the devices.

The Spirit

Time and Great Depart

All year round. The unofficial common start date, known as the "Grand Depart" (northbound), traditionally opens the season on the first Sunday in July at 8am from both directions.
An independent time trial (ITT) is possible at any time.


Registration starts on the first of October at 9 am.

50 start places
Under-represented applicants may have a quota. 
Places are allocated in order of registration. A waiting list is maintained.


"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men —Douglas Bader"

The BTG - Grand Tour is based on the basic rules of the Tour Divide. Please read them with care. An exception is the short visit of friends, family and dotwatchers at the track without any support.


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